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HiFlex Actuation


Whether pneumatically or water driven, these products are constructed with an extremely strong, collapsible fabric tube fitted to metallic end pieces. These units are durable, versatile and more cost effective than most other actuation solutions on the market today.

Thanks to their innovative design, these cylinders have no dynamic seals, making for trouble-free operation in dusty or hostile environments, where energy saving is critical, or where compressed air is not readily available. Their construction is deceptively simple, making repair quick and inexpensive, sharply reducing down time due to cylinder failures.

Each unit is composed of a strong, durable and flexible nylon fabric tube. The tube is attached at each end to a solid metallic end piece making a single cartridge. On the exhaust stroke, the tube crumples randomly, and extends back to its full length on the pressure stroke. One end piece of the cartridge is fixed and provides both fluid (air or water) entry and exhaust. The other end provides actuation by attachment to either a rod or yoke. The tube is completely sealed, air and water tight, thus avoiding the “blow by” of conventional actuators.



To ensure absolute reliability, our cartridges and actuators are tested for over 100,000 continuous cycles, using the same fabric tube, without failure. The cartridge can be replaced in minutes, at minimal cost, dramatically reducing downtime due to failure. There are no other components of the actuator that are subject to appreciable wear.



HiFlex technology can be used in high pressure environments. Our water driven cylinders have been successfully ultimate pressure tested for over 1,000 psig. In the case of extremely high cycle use, we recommend having a replacement cartridge available to eliminate down time in critical process lines. Cartridges can also be replaced after a pre-determined number of cycles on a preventive maintenance program. The worn cartridges can be returned to us for an economical rebuild for you.

Products and specifications

Custom made to meet your specific requirements. After consultation with you, we can provide finished units within typical trade lead times.

  • Our standard cylinder diameters are 2.8”,4.2”, 6.5” and 8”

  • We can custom manufacture any diameter between 3” and 12”

  • Body construction is stainless steel or powder coated aluminum

  • Fasteners are stainless steel.

  • We use nylon, UHMW and water compatible polyurethane.

  • Available thrust from 600 lbs. to 11,000 lbs. when using fluid pressures of 100 psig.

  • Stroke lengths can be between 1/2” and 48”.

Model HC - Hinged Cover with Replaceable Cartridge

This model comes with side slots to allow yoke attachment to the central moving piston. The cartridge can be replaced quickly without specialized tools. For applications where space is limited, it can be similar in length to a rodless cylinder. For rotary or tilting actuation, the yoke becomes a hinged arm with the cylinder moving from one hinged end to effect rotary action.

For spring return, this model can be supplied with a central rod through the spring instead of the yoke, for one direction only.

Model DT - Sliding Tube

This model is available only in a spring return configuration. It consists of a fabric cartridge inside a pre-tensioned spring. Actuation results in one end of the tubular body sliding towards or away from the other end. The cartridge is not as quickly replaced as in the hinged cover model, but the cartridge and spring can be quickly replaced with a spring tensioner for rebuild by us.

Model SP - Solid Pipe

This model is similar to our hinged cover model but with no removable cover. It has a central rod through one cartridge exiting one end of the unit. It therefore requires one high quality dynamic seal around the rod exit unless built as spring return. It can be disassembled on site and the cartridges returned to us for rebuild.

Model NC - Conventional Solid Pipe (without fabric tubes)

We also supply conventional solid barrel and piston actuators for water actuation. All parts are stainless steel, surface hardened to 65 Rockwell C for long, trouble free life. Our dynamic seals are specially designed for high water pressure.

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