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  Water hydraulic systems can be used in many offshore applications:

  - High Pressure pumps and valves for fire suppression

  - Desalination Pumps

  - Well Head Controls

  - Oil and Gas Line Actuators

  - Emergency Shutdown Systems

  - Well Head Controls





  Offshore plants encounter rough conditions and put particular demands on the products used to operate.  The extremely salty environment causes metal to corrode within a very short time.  Our products are made out of high quality 316 stainless steel which can withstand these harsh conditions. 

Waterquest Solutions offers pumps and valves for fire fighting.  The systems are designed for more efficient fire extinguishing and minimal water damage.  The water is forced through micro nozzles at high pressure to create a mist that effectively puts out fires.  Water mist systems provide greater fire suppression as well as better protection of electronics and other surroundings by minimizing  the potential water damage as the water mist evaporates.

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