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              Power Packs 

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Pressure test pack V.06.jpg

 The power pack is a compact and flexible power supply unit.  It is available in a standard modular form which may easily be customer specified or specially built to meet all kinds of individual requirements, including specialist accessories such as filters, coolers and fittings ( following consultation with our design team.)  All water hydraulic pumps can be offered bare shaft motor pump assembly or tank mounted for power pack build.


A system for producing bespoke power units from a range of standard components has been developed.

By using the building blocks from the ordering code, this will give the designer maximum flexibility, produced in a very short lead time with minimum cost and stock holding.


Are available in 316 Stainless steel (prefix S) or Plastic (prefix P) as a special.

Please note: The motor mounting holes are specific for electric motor frame size, the pump motor assembly code is required for selection if ordered as a kit.

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