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Water Desalination




     Water Desalination is a process that takes away mineral components from seawater turning it into fresh water.  Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption.  Desalination is used by many sea-bound ships.

     The power centre combines the operation of an axial piston high pressure desalination pump with an axial piston motor utilizing the pressure in the waste brine to assist the electric motor in driving the pump and so reducing power requirement to typically less than 3kW/m³ of permeate.

     The power centre is driven via a splined shaft from an electric motor.  This turns the pump rotating group which also drives the energy recovery rotating group via a simple splined mechanical coupling.

     Compact design and reduced components make the power centre the ideal solution for limited spaces.  The power centre is easy to use.  The operation and maintenance is fairly easy to learn and with a water based system there is no fear of oil leaks.

Waterquest P6-M6 V.06 image 2.jpg

Power Centre Documents and Specs

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Waterquest P6-M6 photo.jpg
Waterquest P10-M6 photo.jpg
Waterquest P60-M30 photo.jpg
Waterquest P625-M625 photo.jpg
Waterquest Power Centre P180-M60 photo.j
P3 power centre.jpg

Pictured below is a water desalination plant setup.  This was a pump only application for 100l/min output flow

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