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Advantages in water hydraulic systems

In the past the thought of water in a hydraulic system would cause headaches. Water in a oil based system would slow down the mechanics and could cause long term damage.

Products from Waterquest solutions use water instead of oil. What benefits are there in switching to a water based system?


Water is readily available. It is much easier and cheaper to dispose of compared to oil or hydraulic fluid. Plant insurance rates could be reduced due to improved safety provided by running a water based system.


In high temperature environments there is a risk of a fire in hydraulic systems. Water is not flammable and can resist combustion in high temperatures.


Used oil or hydraulic fluids require special disposal as they are not biodegradable which usually incurs a disposal fee. Water is easily disposed of and causes no damage to the environment. Spills cost less as water is non-toxic and granular absorbents or absorbent socks are not required for clean up.


Water has a lower viscosity than oil. Water can transmit power through a system more efficiently and in smaller spaces compared to it's oil counterpart. Water also has a lower film strength so it is less likely to bubble.


Non toxic biodegradable additives ( propylene glycol ) cost much less per gallon than oil based fluids. One gallon of concentrate can make 20 gallons of solution containing 95% water and 5% additive. Warehouse storage is cleaner and less cluttered and transportation cost are also reduced.


Adding propylene glycol to your system can depress the freezing temperture. Heat tracing and having the fluid circulating continuously can also prevent freezing. Using hose instead of metal tubing can also prevent freezing as metal provides poor insulation.

If any of these advantages appeal to you perhaps a water based hydraulic system is in your future. Please contact us at and we can look into your options and make the best choice for your hydraulic system.

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