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Hydraulic power units running on water.

If you think about a clean fluid the first thing you should think of is water. In the past water was the only fluid used in fluid power motion controls. In today's environment water is once again emerging in fluid power systems. water is eco-friendly, easy to dispose of, is fire resistant and cost much less than oil to purchase and store

Advantages of water hydraulics

Cost - Water is much cheaper than conventional working fluids. There are minimal expenses to store and dispose of. Water is readily available so there are minimal transportation and storage cost as well.

Safety - Water is fire resistant and non toxic. Even if you need to add anti-freeze agents the fluid remains eco-friendly.

Disposal - There are minimal disposal cost compared to the disposal of oil or other hydraulic fluids.

Minimal Contamination - Contamination of product from a fluid leak is a major concern for most companies. With water this is not a concern.

Environmentally Friendly - Using water projects a green image for your company

Water hydraulic system users

Numerous businesses can benefit from using a water hydraulic system. Water hydraulics can reduce operating, storage and waste cost while also reducing any fire hazards. Your business will also be eco-friendly as there will be little cross contamination caused by leaks or spills.

These days most components used in oil hydraulic systems are available in a water hydraulic system ( Control valves, Axial Motors, Janus Axial Piston Pumps, Cylinders, flow controls etc... )

All components are produced by " The Water Hydraulics Company in Hull, UK and available in Canada at Waterquest Solutions ( ).

If you have any inquires about any of these products please contact us at

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