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Hydraulic knife valve operating using only tap water.  Products shown include a P6 Axial Water Piston Pump, 160 bar water HPU with 55L reservoir, 115 volt motor to drive water motor and a 4/3 DN6 manual valve.

The motor is a 160 bar Janus M6 Axial Water Motor, 25-1 reduction ratio, 2 stage planetary gearbox, 6cc/rev and bi-directional.

An accumulator can be added for backup in case of power failure.

Cyclic test completed 10,000 cycles with a load of 500kg.  No measurable wear could be recorded on any of the components and all valves gave same performance as when they were new.

Cyclic testing of a 40mm bore x 20 mm rod cylinder

- Powered by a P3 power pack

- Speed control via two priority flow control valves

- Cycled via pre-programmed actuation card and 4/3 Valve 

Water mist fire fighting system

-30L/Min at 100 bar

- Petrol driven power pack 

Waste Compactor located at Iona Wastewater Treatment plant in Vancouver BC

System consisting of:

- P6 Powerpack flange un-boosted axial piston water pump ( 160 bar operating pressure including mechanical seal

- Janus DN6 4/3 closed, 0-160 bar 24VDC MM

- Janus DN6 relief valve 70-160 bar manifold mount

- Janus DN6 unloader valve 0-160 bar 24VDC MM

- 80 Bore 50 Rod cylinder

- 50 Bore 25 Rod cylinder

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